Oct 292008

Thanks to Bob Tait’s MET book, I have passed the CASA CPL Meteorology exam with a mark of 93%. If you are studying for either a PPL or CPL license, then Bob’s books are excellent! Next up is Aerodynamics on the 5th of November…

  2 Responses to “CPL Meteorology exam passed!”

  1. Steve,
    How did you find the CPL MET exam. I am sitting it on the 25 of this month.


  2. Hi Matt,

    I found it fairly easy. Good preparation and a tagged/indexed copy of the AIPs GEN 3.5 will be crucial to get through the exam without making simple mistakes. My advice would be to look up everything you possibly can. Even if you think you know it, look it up. This way you’ll get the best possible mark for your examination.

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