Sep 132007

The Departure and Approach Procedures (DAP) have been updated on the Xplane page to reflect the EFFECTIVE 30-Aug-2007
to 21-Nov-2007 DAPs currently online with Air Services Australia. You can get the updated charts or read more about my X-Plane/VATSIM resources.

  2 Responses to “Updated Australian airport DAPS.”

  1. Steve,

    I am considering switching again away from MS2004 to X-Plane. I downloaded the demo last night and quite like what I saw. I am finding it hard here in Australia to purchase the worldwide scenery. PC Aviator have the program but not the world scenery. WSould I have to buy from US and do you have any idea on cost?
    Any advice rfe x-plane. I have about 3000 hours in real life aviation.


  2. Xplane is great if you want a flight sim with technical accuracy. The scenery isn’t the best, especially in Australia, however the flight models are second to none. I usually fly around in either the C172 or the 737-700 and from reading the technical manuals of the 737, pretty much everything is how one would expect it.

    There is no ‘livery’ as you would get in MSFS – particularly in MS FSX, which can make VFR flying very difficult, however most things in IFR land are spot on.

    In terms of performance, Xplane performs much better than any of the MSFS versions I have seen so far. Gauge updates happen in realtime and aren’t limited to 2-3 updates per second! The frame rate is also incredibly smooth on my system in all scenarios – probably a mix of both the lower scenery detail and better graphics engine.

    I bought Xplane directly from the Xplane web site, and it arrived very quickly and with no hassle at all.

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