Avalon International Airshow 2007

Well, I was very lucky this year to score a free trade pass from the ATSB and as always, the event didn't disappoint. Jim LeRoy in the 'BULLDOG' was spectacular. His aircraft control skills are just superb. If you are heading to the airshow and only see one flying event, make sure you see this guy.

I've thrown some picture together of the day here for people to enjoy. Make sure you take special notice of the pics of Jim throwing the bulldog around!

The were a couple of things that did annoy me. The way the defense forces were using the event as a recruiting event. I lost count of the number of times I was asked to join the army/navy/air force. It seems to be much worse this year than it has been at previous air shows. The other thing was that at every display that the USAF did, they made it obvious that they were pushing their agenda on "the war on terror" and "fighting terrorists" - thankfully, when it got a mention, most people in the crowds just laughed. It's good to see that Australians haven't lost touch with reality like our friends in the U.S.A have.


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