Jul 192006

After having no luck finding any of these, I’m throwing this question out for anyone in the world that might be able to help me. I’m looking for around 20 flight strip holders used in ATC tower operations world-wide.

These holders obviously hold flight strips, and are used as seen in this photo. They are holding the tan, red and blue strips. If anyone can get a hold of these, please contact me.

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  1. We can probably help if you use UK CAA type holders – as we make them.



  2. I did see these, however the Australian ones in use are quite a bit different. A close up photo of these is available at:

    Excuse my blurry photos at 3:10am 🙂

    You can see how the general shape is different. It still has the little ‘lips’ on there however to hold the flight strip on.

  3. I am supplier and manufacturer of flight strip rolls,holders,radar parts,
    I am INDIA based and i can make it if you provide me sample,if you require FLIGHT STRIP ROLLS of any specification let me inform,

  4. Hi Steven,

    I’ve seen the model on the picture but unfortunately we cannot supply that model. However, apart from the UKCAA model that Andrea offers we can supply the spring-loaded models used in many european airports. You can have a look at those models in our website to see if they suit your needs.
    Best regards,


  5. PS: The website is at


    Regards again


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