Stopping Austnet Spam

There’s been a lot of spambots lately on Austnet, but below are a number of things you can do to your IRC client to minimise the impact, and not ruin your IRC experience. As not everyone uses the same IRC client, I try to cover the basic ones here – you may be able to get the idea on how to do this to your client if it is not listed below.

The current list of spam words I recommend follows, however feel free to add more as you come across them. This list is current as of 6th January 2007:

  • girr
  • Porno
  • CliCk
  • Buseye
  • Tecavuzcu
  • Erkeni
  • slm
  • citirlar
  • b0mbalar
  • siz
  • Sikbeni
  • Turkizlari
  • tatlimekan
  • p0rno
  • supra2c
  • avsarida
  • Gormedik
  • hackernetwork
  • olabilirki
  • istanbul
  • asena
  • Soyunuyorum
  • Bedava


  1. Download the SpamBlocker v1.4 script.
  2. Extract the Zip file into your mIRC folder.
  3. Load the script by typing: /load -rs QBlock/QBlock.mrc
  4. You can then add a list of words to treat as spam.


  1. Type the following commands to add a regexp ignore based on keywords.

    /ignore -regexp -pattern “girr” * MSGS
    /ignore -regexp -pattern “Porn Site” * MSGS
    /ignore -regexp -pattern “BAKMAD” * MSGS

This will be ignore privmsgs’ sent from people to you that contain the words listed. It’s easy to expand, and should make your life a lot easier.


  1. Download this script
  2. Move the script to your scripts directory and load it.

You now have the following new options to deal with spam:

    /si load
    /si clear
    /si save
    /si add
    /si replace
    /si list
    /si del

Thanks to Isaac (aliasd on Austnet) for fixing a few issues in the script. Isaac is also working on a newer version which may have more features or bugfixes etc. It’s available here. NOTE: I can’t personally verify that Isaac’s development version will work or the functions of the script. Please review the code before using this.

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