Ontrak ADU support heads for the mainstream kernel.

Version 0.0.13 of the adutux module has been accepted into the gregkh stream of the linux kernel. This means, starting at kernel version 2.6.19, you should see the option to add the adutux module by default in the main linux kernel. This also means that some distros will straight away have support for Ontrak ADU USB devices.

I'd like to thank Greg K-H for all of his help on this one - as there were a lot of changes required that I didn't know how to do that were fixed by him - as well as making sure the module worked with PPC architecture (I'm a hacker, not a coder:))

The patch will show up here (called usb-adutux-driver.patch) in the next few days, and should be in the mainstream kernel by version 2.6.19. Thanks Greg!

Updated Ontrak ADU howto.

It's been a while since I've updated this, and as there are now newer kernels out there that break version 0.0.8 of the patch, I've also published v0.0.13 of adutux. It successfully works with linux kernel - so hopefully it should work on any recent kernel. The new guide is available here.

Flashback: Sweet Justice

Earlier this year, I posted about a traffic cop who got fined by Workcover for a health and safety matter while handing out a fine to a workcover officer. It seems this one had been doing the rounds (email, web sites etc), however Michael Birt from Workcover Victoria left a comment that this may have happened in NSW back in 2004, as in Victoria, on the spot fines are not issued. Today I got sent a link to the March 2006 issue of Northern Territory Police News and sure enough, on page 49 there is this story.

Looks like this defenatily has Urban Legend written all over it! If only we could find out for sure :)

X-Plane 8.50 enters beta phase.

The title pretty much says it all really! Austin has started public testing on X-Plane 8.50 Beta 1. You can download it in the usual manner. You will need to delete your 8.40 preferences files to have 8.50 work correctly (which means setting everything up again), however it seems to be quite a few nice changes.

Update: As always, as soon as I publish this, Beta 2 is now out :)

Flight Strip holders wanted.

After having no luck finding any of these, I'm throwing this question out for anyone in the world that might be able to help me. I'm looking for around 20 flight strip holders used in ATC tower operations world-wide.

These holders obviously hold flight strips, and are used as seen in this photo. They are holding the tan, red and blue strips. If anyone can get a hold of these, please contact me.

Archives are good!

I was going through a backup folder today, and found some Microsoft Plus! Themes that I composed waaaay back in 1997 :). One of these themes is based on content from the movie The Rock, the other based on the TV show LAPD. After a quick extraction, everything looks fine so I've decided to put them online again for people to download and use.

Download: The Rock, LAPD.

Superdrive Firmware testing

I've been sent numerous test results of people trying the new firmware (as reported earlier) on their UJ-835 or similar model drives. Here is a quick summary of media vs detected speeds.

  • Verbatim 16X DVD+R = 2x detected
  • Ritek 8x DVD-R = 8x detected (previously 2x)
  • Imation 8x DVD-R = 8x detected (previously 2x)
  • Sony 1x-8x DVD+R = 2x detected
  • Princo 4x DVD-R = 2x detected
While it looks like some media compatability has improved, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

If you can add your media tests to the comments, that would help.

Apple releases SuperDrive firmware update.

Multiple people have contacted me regarding Apple releasing a firmware update for superdrives on the affected machines. Here are the links to the Mac Daily News article and the official Apple page for the firmware update. If people are able to test this and get back to me with their experiances, I'll update this page accordingly.

Update: It seems there are mixed results - which seems to indicate a partial improvement, however I personally haven't noticed any improvements. Princo 4x DVD-R discs still come up as 2x discs, and another unknown brand still came up as 2x. Please keep your experiances coming. If you can include media type, that would be great!