Dopod 838 Pro replacement ROM

Last Updated: 13-Oct-2009

Update: I have changed the way I am developing ROMs. To make this ROM usable by as many people as possible, I have split my work into two chains. There is now a Development chain, and a stable chain.

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New to flashing?
Check out the fantastic Beginners Guide to Flashing, and the Upgrading FAQ. There is also an excellent list of common problems and solutions. You can also flash your device using the SD card – something which I find easier. Of course, make sure you have HardSPL installed before doing anything with your phone! There is a full guide on this written by MrVanX

Looking to update your Radio?
You can get a newer radio ROM for your HTC Hermes device from my site. You will need a copy 7zip (to extract the archive).

  • Current Release: v13.5
  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Build: 20270.1.0.0
Common features
  • Telstra NextG support (Australia only)
  • Microsoft .Net framework 3.5
  • 3G video dialpad
  • Remote Desktop
  • Internet Connection Sharing
  • SMS over GPRS
  • Wireless today screen plugin
  • 802.11g enabled
  • Cleartype enabled in both normal and landscape mode
  • SD Card power management fix
  • Camera delay fix.
  • HSDPA Icon enabled (Displays H when HSDPA is active instead of 3G)
  • Added Disconnect button to GPRS windows
  • Added fix for slow scrolling in Pocket IE
Software Installed after flashing
    Apps available after flashing (via Device Update) include:

  • Office mobile 2007 (v6.1)
  • Windows Live (10.6.0033.0600)
  • Cyberon Voice Commander (v2.0 Build 711091)
  • Lots more!
Known Issues
Stable Download

Release 13.5 (26 Sep 2009):

  • Fixed GPS intermediate driver for Windows Managed External GPS units (Start -> Settings -> Connections -> External GPS)
  • Fixed random silences of notifications etc.

Release 13.4 (15 Jun 2009):

  • Fully integrated DeviceUpdate and DU’s AutoInstall feature into the ROM.
  • Removed package ‘protection’ to allow other chefs to pull apart my ROMs for their own purposes.
  • Removed ClearVue PDF Viewer from normal build due to problems with some PDFs. Install Adobe PDF reader via DeviceUpdate if you need a PDF reader.

Release 13.3 (10 Jan 2009):

  • Fixed issues with SetAudioParam not working properly
  • Fixed Comm Manager hotkey not being set on normal version
  • Fixed Black Keyboard from appearing in DeviceUpdate on normal version.

Release 13.2 (31 Dec 2008):

  • Fixed blocking issue with timezones updated in March 2008 DST update.

Release 13.1-pre7 (14 Dec 2008):

  • Cooked in KB950885 (March 2008 DST Updates)
  • Added Virgin Mobile (AU) settings to HTC Connection Setup.

Release 13.1-pre6 (18 Nov 2008):

  • Released for public testing.
  • Cooked in fix for KB958639
  • Cooked in fix for 2008 Daylight Savings time changes.
  • Backported new icons from Dev build 14.1

Release 13.0 (02 Sep 2008):

  • NEW: Naked build now available.
  • NEW: Naked Big Storage build now available.
  • NEW: Device Update – keeps your device up to date with apps and things.
  • Removed all but default theme. Install more via Device Update
  • Fixed blgloss theme issues (thanks to augrunt)
  • Few minor graphical tweaks
  • Tweaked file cache, glyph cache etc for hopefully a bit more performance.
  • Fixed issue with non-advanced mode in ActiveSync
  • Cooked in .Net Framework 3.5 into all builds
  • Fixed start menu problems (thanks abusalza)
  • Fixed multi-selection of messages in tmail.exe (Email Application)
  • Fixed the disappearing act with the taskbar and HTC X Button
  • Removed SQM
  • Added IrDA stack
  • Found errror in coredll.dll that stopped Windows Live Search from working correctly.
  • Re-ported XIP from Kaiser to correct corruption in coredll.dll and possibly others
  • Windows Live Search tested ok.
  • Removed useless Zip Viewer from Office CAB
  • Defaulted OBEX transfers to ON (previously this was OFF)
  • Removed Bluetooth FTP Client (Who really uses this? )
  • Repack Office 2007 to hopefully fix some issues.
  • Reduce X-Button auto-close threshold to 2Mb free RAM (Thanks hardcore)
  • Ported Windows Mobile 6.1 build 20270
  • Ported XIP build 20270 from Kaiser

Note: This is NOT an official Dopod/HTC ROM and will therefore not be supported by HTC or Dopod. You should keep a copy of the latest official Dopod ROM incase you need to revert for warranty or troubleshooting purposes. If you have never upgraded a firmware on your Dopod, read up on it first – if you break your phone using this ROM, you get to keep all the pieces. All feedback however is appreciated!


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    • Ken on February 27, 2010 at 4:43 pm
    • Reply

    Steve, the 1A charger works fine with a small but. If the phone has been used for several applications and then attempt to charge while running navigation software it does not recognise the charger, do a soft restart and all works fine charging phone and running any apps. Only a small problem with a monor work around. Noted the request for WM6.5 and agree with your comments, also have a KJam with 6.5 – yes works but slow, eg the speach from navigation software incomplete as cannot keep up. Regards, Ken

    • karl on September 25, 2010 at 2:12 am
    • Reply

    hi steve,
    im using a 838pro..and currently using your 13.5..
    i was just wondering what’s with the 14.1?
    is it a lot better nd faster than 13.5 on 838pro?

    • karl on September 29, 2010 at 3:39 am
    • Reply

    hi steve,
    just a follow up question..
    is there a way that i could uninstall programs thats included in the 13.5 normal rom? like the modaco NODATA coz i cant find it in the “remove programs”..thanks

    1. Hi Karl, Programs that are cooked into the ROM cannot be removed.

      v14.1 was a development release which focussed on the bleeding edge but was usually more unstable. I should probably get around to removing it one day – as it is generally nowhere near as stable as the 13.x series.

    • karl on September 29, 2010 at 4:05 pm
    • Reply

    ok man..thanks for the info..nice rom..keep it up..

    • Andrew on February 24, 2011 at 12:57 am
    • Reply

    Is there any way how you could upgrade it without using a computer or activesync like putting it on the phone’s SD Card and opening it on the phone?

    1. I have updated the links at the top of this page to various articles – including how to flash via SD card.

    • Corvin on February 8, 2012 at 8:43 am
    • Reply


    The download links for the roms does not work (for radios neither). I get “Internal Server Error”

    1. I’ve fixed the broken links etc. All should work now.

    • Corvin on February 8, 2012 at 11:01 am
    • Reply

    Thank You!

    • Corvin on February 10, 2012 at 10:13 am
    • Reply

    Hi Steven.

    I have flashed your normal 13.5 rom. Unfortunately I cannot get the Device Update running. It tries to download compressed index file… and then I get error loading catalog. I have checked that my internet connection is fine (I am using wifi) – I can browse web with PIE. Is the service still available?

    1. Device Update has been retired.

      See this thread on xda-developers as to why.

    • Corvin on February 10, 2012 at 11:23 pm
    • Reply

    Ok. I understand that 🙂

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