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Feb 22

When Melbourne Wireless was featured on TV

I caught up with a few of the Melbourne Wireless original members a few weeks ago, and while we were reminiscing, I was reminded about the Today Show feature article we helped Ms Megabyte put together on Wireless. There was a little creative license, but the video conferencing and gaming was done via wireless links …

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Jun 01

OpenWRT builds move to LEDE

Recently I’ve moved the builds for the WD MyNet systems to LEDE. I’ve also started building for more than just the MyNet N750 – and now *all* ar71xx systems will get a nightly build. The build directories now follow the date of the build, not the revision number. The new builds are available at:

Feb 28

N600 & N750 nightlies not getting built

Just wanted to write a quick note to explain why the current nightlies aren’t working. The openwrt servers had an outage recently. As of now,, and I think are still down. As the nightly builds feed from, the builds won’t start again until is restored. If you’ve just flashed an …

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Feb 07

The feed from FlightRadar24’s F-YMML4 receiver

Quite a while ago, I applied to host Flight Radar 24s receiver at my place near Melbourne Airport, Australia (YMML). It started off with the ID F-YMML1 (being the first in Victoria), but a faulty unit saw the handle change to F-YMML4. With it, there was a massive boost in ASD-B reporting for Victoria – …

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Jan 20

WD N600 & N750 image updates

Last night I made some changes to the build process of the generated images for the WD N600 and N750 routers. Starting from r48362, the following changes are active: The designated_driver_luci repository is enabled by default. This allows people to install luci by doing: opkg update && opkg install luci Added an entry to /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf …

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