Jun 212009

Premium Account holders can now access a new beta version of DeviceUpdate. Changes include:

Version – 13 June 2009

  • Added detection of screen size as a backup to known device IDs.
  • Changed logic for getting Device Model to hopefully be more precice with less variation.
  • What this now means is that we should VERY rarely show the well known “Unsupported Device” message to people as we now use the following methods:

    1. Look for a known hardware ID to get the type of device.
    2. If method #1 fails, we get the screen size and show a list of applications for that screen size.
    3. If both #1 and #2 fails, panic 😉

    You can get the new beta version here.

    Oh, and DeviceUpdate has now served over 530,000 applications in over 260,000 sessions!

    Jun 152009

    Release 13.4 is now available of my replacement ROMs for Dopod 838 Pro and compatibly phones. Changes include:
    * Fully integrated DeviceUpdate and DU’s AutoInstall feature into the ROM.
    * Removed package ‘protection’ to allow other chefs to pull apart my ROMs for their own purposes.
    * Removed ClearVue PDF Viewer from normal build due to problems with some PDFs. Install Adobe PDF reader via DeviceUpdate if you need a PDF reader.

    As always, it’s available for download here.

    Feb 132009

    From initial public release on the 7th of Feburary, Device Update has taken off and expanded from supporting 1 device, to 14 devices! Since release, the system has served up over 18,000 applications to over 3,600 users worldwide!

    With improvements continuing to be made, the future certainly looks set for Device Update! 🙂

    Jan 102009

    Release 13.3 is now available for download.

    Changes include:
    Release 13.3 (10 Jan 2009):
    * Fixed issues with SetAudioParam not working properly
    * Fixed Comm Manager hotkey not being set on normal version.
    * Fixed Black Keyboard from appearing in DeviceUpdate on normal version.

    Download from the Dopod 838 Pro Replacement ROM page.