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DeviceUpdate v2.1.2.0 Public Beta

After initial testing, v2.1.2.0 of DeviceUpdate is now available for public testing. You can grab a copy from the DeviceUpdate site.

DeviceUpdate v2.1.2.0 Beta Available

Premium Account holders can now access a new beta version of DeviceUpdate. Changes include: Version – 13 June 2009 Added detection of screen size as a backup to known device IDs. Changed logic for getting Device Model to hopefully be more precice with less variation. What this now means is that we should VERY …

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Release 13.4 of Dopod 838 Pro ROM released.

Release 13.4 is now available of my replacement ROMs for Dopod 838 Pro and compatibly phones. Changes include: * Fully integrated DeviceUpdate and DU’s AutoInstall feature into the ROM. * Removed package ‘protection’ to allow other chefs to pull apart my ROMs for their own purposes. * Removed ClearVue PDF Viewer from normal build due …

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DeviceUpdate off to a great start

From initial public release on the 7th of Feburary, Device Update has taken off and expanded from supporting 1 device, to 14 devices! Since release, the system has served up over 18,000 applications to over 3,600 users worldwide! With improvements continuing to be made, the future certainly looks set for Device Update! 🙂

Dopod Replacement ROM 13.3 now available.

Release 13.3 is now available for download. Changes include: Release 13.3 (10 Jan 2009): * Fixed issues with SetAudioParam not working properly * Fixed Comm Manager hotkey not being set on normal version. * Fixed Black Keyboard from appearing in DeviceUpdate on normal version. Download from the Dopod 838 Pro Replacement ROM page.

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