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Cisco releases 8.3.3 SIP software for 7941/7961 phones.

Cisco have releasedversion 8.3.3 (registration required)of software for 7941 and 7961 phones. There are still a number of known bugs, however a number of issues that I saw on a regular basis seem to be fixed. Therelease notesdetail the changes in this version.

Asterisk and the Australian grey pages

NOTE: This info is VERY outdated and doesn’t work anymore. You should look at the new script for services provided by Reverse Australia. So since I found the Australian gray pages on a lovely web site, I wanted to integrate this info into asterisk. 30 minutes of perl hacking later, and it works. enjoy 🙂 …

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Australian weather script for Asterisk

After looking around and not finding any decent script to read the weather for Asterisk, I decided to write my own. The code is downloadable here. Save the file to /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/getweather.agi. To use this script in Asterisk, copy the following into /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf: exten => 997,1,Answer exten => 997,2,agi,getweather.agi exten => 997,3,Hangup Update 6/6: I’ve updated …

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Cisco 7961 – New Software fixes lots of SIP issues

Cisco has recently released version 8.2(2)SR1 software for the 79×1 phones (not to be confused with the 79×0 phones!). This seems to fix many issues I was having with the phone randomly crashing, randomly unregistering lines and so on. I’d recommend this software load for EVERYONE running a 7941/61 phone. It is stable, and many …

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Cisco 7961 IP Phone nightmares.

Well, I got suckered in again. I splashed out and purchased one of the Cisco 7961 VoIP phones. As always, it’s very nice gear – that is when it works. Cisco have been very smart with this. They say that their SIP firmware is RFC compliant and should work with any VoIP server – however, …

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