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Cisco 7970, sccp and asterisk

I’ve been tinkering around with a Cisco 7970 IP phone. After spending 3-4 days of trying to get SIP working on this device, I gave up hope and started working with SCCP. The good news is that it worked straight away! Using Asterisk and the greatly improved chan-sccp-b project, the majority of the features …

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Asterisk and Australian Reverse Caller ID Lookup

It’s been a while since my original script to use for Australian caller ID lookups and since the online database disappeared, my script went into the archives. Now its back. Thanks to the API functions offered by Reverse Australia we can now have caller ID lookups back in Asterisk! You’ll need a few things …

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Update on Digium Fax

Well, I’ve completely given up on the commercial Digium Fax for Asterisk module. After completely rebuilding my config to test the module I encountered tons of issues. Faxes were failing 99% of the time. I rebuilt the free app_fax with spandsp and straight away things were back to 100% success rates for both sending and …

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Dealing with Digium is like having a hole in the head

UPDATE 19/01/2010: I got a call from Patrick at Digium this morning. He had a quick step through the problem I was having regarding the Fax for Asterisk application. Apparently the free / trial 1 license Fax for Asterisk does not come with support. From what I have been told, the ones you actually buy …

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Cisco releases 8.3.3SR2 for 79×1 phones.

Cisco have released version 8.3.3SR2 (registration required) of software for 7941 and 7961 phones. There are a number of bug fixes, however there seem to be quite a few outstanding issues. The release notes detail the changes in this version.

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