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Chasers war on APEC.

During APEC, there was a big media storm around the Chasers War on Everything targeting APEC for pranks – in their well known style. If you haven’t seen any of the media coverage, here’s the actual show for your amusement.

The problem with todays media.

Normally I wouldn’t whinge about the media, but one thing has really got up my nose over the past few days. This story by has got to be the most pathetic attempt at making something big – ever. Firstly, I’m not saying what Lauren had done to her is right – my points here …

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Australia rules modchips are legal

Now this is cool. I have to say that this is a relief from all the news stories about the DCMA screwing away consumers rights in favour of the mega-corps. The Australian IT is reporting that the High Court of Australia has unanimously ruled that mod-chips are legal. As this is now the second case …

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