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The Liberal Party airbrushes history

Following an article in The Age titled Tony Abbott’s more controversial speeches disappear, I thought I’d have a look and see what I found find. Thankfully, nothing ever really goes away on the internet. As always, the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine has a copy of just about everything that was posted to the site since …

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Good overview of the Liberal Party’s Fibre To The Node

I don’t think I need to say more.

Media Watch on the election coverage

I love watching Media Watch. Its a great analysis of the media and how they screw stuff up – or at least pretend to be fair… This episode covers the election coverage and should remove any doubt as to why the L/NP won the election. Thankfully, the ABC is *mostly* unbiased these days. Its also …

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Federal Elections are coming up.

And this site says it all: If you’re outside of Australia – it probably won’t make much sense to you – but its still worth a laugh 🙂 and Dilbert has the right idea:

Google and the Australia Tax

Google have released a new wave of the Google Nexus devices. These devices all run Android and are not locked or limited in any way – paving a new path against carrier lockdown and interference. Their motto, “Openness at all costs” (Slashdot discussion) Interestingly, these articles show: Nexus 4 – $349 (16Gb) Nexus 7 – …

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