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‘luddite censorship’ comes to Australia

Well, the politicians have done it again. Officially, its called “The Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015” – which passed through the senate 37-13. Unofficially, its a flawed document that breaks on just about every technical level. In a nutshell, what it allows is that the “Rights Holders” can go to the courts and say …

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The NBN under the Liberal Party of Australia

I’d like to just quote this post from Whirlpool – as it sums up perfectly the current state of the NBN. fttnvdsl2 writes… to date I doubt very much that anyone has any appreciation of the amount of work that has gone into getting the network up and running from zero. with all due respect, …

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NBN Co has been sabotaged

The more I dig into the proceedings of the Senate Committee focusing on the NBN, I am more and more convinced that the Liberal Party has intentionally sabotaged NBN Co to fail. When the Abbott lead Liberal Party won the election in September 2013, Malcolm Turnbull gutted the board of NBN Co and (with sadly …

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Liberal corruption in the NBN Co

Sadly, you can’t make this stuff up. In the recent Senate hearing for the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee on the 20th November, Senator Conroy launched into some scathing details of how Malcolm Turnbull has hired his mates to oversee the NBN Co implementation. Lets put some context in here… Justin Milne was the CEO …

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I know where you’ve been

I’ve been meaning to write an article on methods of tracking people in public spaces using every day devices. I finally got around to writing a blurb on how easy it is to track peoples whereabouts using wifi and bluetooth – even if you never connect to a network. So here it is: Tracking people …

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