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Jul 12

Turnbull handballs encryption problem to tech companies

In a speech in London overnight, Turnbull said companies should not be able to build end-to-end encryption tools that meant nobody – including courts and law enforcement – could access the content of communications. If you’re in the tech industry, and you know your local Liberal party member, point them to this and tell them …

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Jun 21

Talkback on the NBN in 2017

Recently on The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine, they discussed the NBN, its progress, and if its living up to what was promised. 53 minutes of audio included below for your listening pleasure. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Jun 26

Tony Abbott and the Australian flag

Tony Abbott (our illustrious Fuckwit-in-Chief) has a problem. One could call it an addiction. He seems to find comfort in the Australian flag. The bigger the problem, the more heat he is feeling, the more flags appear. This story is much better explained in pictures. On the 15-16th of December 2014, there was a siege …

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Jun 23

Q&A causes people to lose their minds

I’ve been a long time viewer of Q&A. It really is a unique show which puts public figures in the hot seat to face the general public. Depending on your beliefs, this can be good or bad – and every vary during the course of a single episode – however nobody can deny that this …

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Jun 22

‘luddite censorship’ comes to Australia

Well, the politicians have done it again. Officially, its called “The Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015” – which passed through the senate 37-13. Unofficially, its a flawed document that breaks on just about every technical level. In a nutshell, what it allows is that the “Rights Holders” can go to the courts and say …

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