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Postfix, LDAP and Fusion Directory

Recently, I’ve been going all out on deploying LDAP and realising how much easier it would have made my life over the years. Fusion Directory has proven to be a good management interface for keeping things in check. That’s the easy part though – now how do you go about making all your software to …

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Roundcube Webmail releases v0.8.0

Roundcube has just released v0.8.0 of their awesome webmail program. After spending a lot of time in beta and then release candidate, its finally here! I’ve been using Roundcube as my default webmail client for years – and it certainly is one of the best out there.

Windows 7 thoughts

After being a beta tester for Microsoft Windows since Windows 98SE, I was happy to be invited to the Windows 7 testing group. With a somewhat revised testing schedule and process from the past – with only a Beta and then RC being released before RTM instead of builds every few months, it was quite …

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Vista SP1 delayed until “before the end of February”

Looks like Microsoft have pushed back the release of Windows Vista service pack 1 until near the end of February – even though the service pack has been finalised. There will be 2 service packs. The 32 bit version is around 440Mb, while the x64 version clocks in at around 730Mb! EDIT: Vista SP1 can …

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Vista Service Pack 1 released to RTM

Looks like the word is that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has been finalised by Microsoft and it’s group of beta testers. Preliminary reports seem to show that (as usual), the service pack has been leaked to numerous online web sites, however it will probably appear on the Microsoft web site fairly soon (within a …

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