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Two factor SSH auth with Yubikeys

A while ago I wrote about how to do this exact thing but with an older version of openssh. If you’re running a newer version of SSH, then the command syntax has been updated somewhat. Firstly, once you’ve got your yubikey, you’ll need to enable EPEL for EL6/7 and install the pam_yubico package. You’ll then …

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Hardening SSH in EL6

So I’ve been a bit paranoid of late when reading of the actions of the NSA – and looking at the default configs of sshd that ship with distros like EL6, there is a lot that can be done – however it requires updating to a newer openssh version than the ones that ship with …

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I know where you’ve been

I’ve been meaning to write an article on methods of tracking people in public spaces using every day devices. I finally got around to writing a blurb on how easy it is to track peoples whereabouts using wifi and bluetooth – even if you never connect to a network. So here it is: Tracking people …

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SSH two factor auth with Yubikey + SSH key

I got myself a Yubikey a few weeks ago – and I really like what I see. It allows you to use two factor authentication by the way of a one time password (OTP) generated by the YubiKey. So, I wanted to beef up security on my critical servers by requiring BOTH an SSH key …

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Site moves to SSL only.

In protest of Telstra and their offensive strategy of recently sending all web browsing URLs to a third party in a different country, I have migrated ALL of the domain to use SSL encryption to keep spying eyes out of your data. As Telcos have proven time and time again that they cannot be …

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