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OpenWRT builds move to LEDE

Recently I’ve moved the builds for the WD MyNet systems to LEDE. I’ve also started building for more than just the MyNet N750 – and now *all* ar71xx systems will get a nightly build. The build directories now follow the date of the build, not the revision number. The new builds are available at:

Why people hate #systemd

So yeah, I’ve been forced into using SystemD for just about everything now that the entire community has taken the koolaid. I recently had a question where if a ConditionFileIsExecutable fails in the [Unit] section, the logs say that the service was started – but in fact the service won’t attempt to be started. No …

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Postfix, LDAP and Fusion Directory

Recently, I’ve been going all out on deploying LDAP and realising how much easier it would have made my life over the years. Fusion Directory has proven to be a good management interface for keeping things in check. That’s the easy part though – now how do you go about making all your software to …

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Basic implementation of StartAPI

As I’ve been using StartSSL for a long time to secure everything from SMTP / IMAP to this web site, I’ve gathered quite a few certificates. The scene has changed quite a bit these days with Lets Encrypt becoming available with free certs (but limited to 30 days). StartAPI was introduced by StartSSL to do …

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WD N600 & N750 image updates

Last night I made some changes to the build process of the generated images for the WD N600 and N750 routers. Starting from r48362, the following changes are active: The designated_driver_luci repository is enabled by default. This allows people to install luci by doing: opkg update && opkg install luci Added an entry to /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf …

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