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libvirt-1.0.3 for RHEL6, CentOS 6 available for testing.

I’ve finally managed to get some time to try building libvirt 1.0.3 for people to test. Packages are available from Please direct all feedback to the kernel-xen mailing list. EDIT: Feedback is good for these packages.. Pushed to the main repo…

kernel-xen-3.6.6-1 coming soon.

This fixes the ext4 journal corruption bug as well as a few other issues. Changelog: * Sun Nov 11 2012 Steven Haigh – Update to kernel 3.6.6 – Notable fixes in this kernel version: ext4: fix unjournaled inode bitmap modification blkcg: Fix use-after-free of q->root_blkg and q->root_rl.blkg md/raid1: Fix assembling of arrays containing Replacements. Full …

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IBM chooses my Xen packages for guides on IBM SmartCloud Provisioning

When you do open source stuff, sometimes its amazing where the project turn up. Today I got a big surprise. If you’re setting up an IBM Compute Node using a Xen hypervisor, some of the documentation seems rather familiar. Especially this part: yum install Although the documentation is in a bit of a mess …

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Kernel-xen 3.5.4-3 pushed to the repos

Just a small update to the kernel to applow xtables to be built against it to bring it inline with stock kernels. Its syncing to the repos at the moment, should be available across the board soon.

Xen 4.2.0 packages pushed to the repos.

I’ve just pushed out new Xen 4.2.0 RPMs to the repo. They should start syncing in the near future. I recommend that you shut down all running DomUs before upgrading the Xen packages as due to the toolset changes, you may not be able to do it AFTER upgrading. Release Announcement – Release Notes – …

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