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Java update broke the Dell DRAC 5 remote management cards!

So the openjdk in most linux distros has now been upgraded to v1.8. This has a good bug fix regarding the whole SSLv3 Poodle vulnerability. This has one problem. The Dell DRAC remote management cards installed in a lot of Dell servers relies on SSLv3 to operate. Without this, you can get into the web …

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Backups and Filesystem deduplication

Recently, I’ve been looking at backup solutions to replace TSM. In my opinion, TSM is great for VERY large organisations, but versions beyond TSMv5 seem to be much more bloated than useful in smaller installs. There are a number of backup ‘solutions’ for Linux, however none seem to have a permanent and consistent state without …

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Linksys SRW2024 page updated

Its been a long time between having to configure this switch – but today I had to add a vlan – and I realised I had no idea how… After some playing around, I figured it out and started to document some of the commands on the original console page. Yay for a CLI.

Fixed OpenWRT images for WD N600 & N750

I noticed recently that images I’d generated for the WD N600 / N750 weren’t booting properly. It seems from r39891 built on the 13th March that something changed causing the image to never actually work on the router after being flashed. I spent a bit of time yesterday debugging this and now as of r40004 …

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Western Digital MyNet N600 OpenWRT support

After starting the wiki page on the WD N600 about 3 months ago, and posting about it in the OpenWRT forums, I’m proud to announce that OpenWRT is now supported on the WD N600. I installed the luci web interface, configured it up and installed some basic tools, and the following is still available: Filesystem …

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