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When Melbourne Wireless was featured on TV

I caught up with a few of the Melbourne Wireless original members a few weeks ago, and while we were reminiscing, I was reminded about the Today Show feature article we helped Ms Megabyte put together on Wireless. There was a little creative license, but the video conferencing and gaming was done via wireless links …

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Site goes IPv6 enabled

Some of you may have noticed (but most probably haven’t) that this site is now native IPv6 enabled. Interestingly, I can see some traffic already going to the IPv6 address. If you have any issues, let me know as I’m still getting my head around it all.

Web Central – You used to be cool.

Back in the day when I used to work for Connect (which then became AAPT), we used to supply WebCentral with their connectivity out of Brisbane. Back then, WebCentral was the be all and end all of web hosting providers. They used to host Whirlpool and the service was second to none. Fast forward several …

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The economics of Open Source development

I’ve been keeping an eye on the stats of the distribution of my Xen and Kernel-Xen packages now for around 12 months. I find it interesting that they just keep getting more and more popular. First, some stats: Month Est New Installs November 2012 1,213 December 2012 1,256 Janurary 2013 1,292 February 2013 1,152 March …

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Catchup Post

Well, its been quite a while since my last post. Quite a lot has happened – but I’ll break it down in a nutshell. 1) I finally got my Commercial Pilots License. The down side is that I had to do it through another training organisation. My flight school (National Aerospace Training) closed their doors …

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