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Updated Xplane charts

I know its been a while since I last updated these (a year ago!) – so I’ve run through the updates. As an added bonus, I have included the ERSA as well as the DAPs. Yay. Download Link

DAP Charts new cycle online

I’ve just run through updating my DAPs files for x-plane and flight simmers. You can get them here.

VATSIM Oceanic 2007 convention in Melbourne!

Make a note in your calendars… The 6th and 7th of October 2007 is the VATSIM. The event will be held at the Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport and I’m sure it will have a great schedule booked! If you’re a flight sim nut, or even just an aviation buff, make sure you keep these dates …

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X-Plane 8.50 enters beta phase.

The title pretty much says it all really! Austin has started public testing on X-Plane 8.50 Beta 1. You can download it in the usual manner. You will need to delete your 8.40 preferences files to have 8.50 work correctly (which means setting everything up again), however it seems to be quite a few nice …

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Combined DAPS and Xplane section goes live!

Yeah – I’ve finally gotten around to finishing it all up. Over at the Xplane section, you can find all of the fun stuff to do with Xplane, DAPS, and probably more over time. It’s nice to have 293 files instead of 1606 to hunt through 😛

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