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Crossband happyness and Wireless Meetings

I got my cable going 🙂 – One interesting thing that I did find however is that the PRM8030 radios really don’t like being hooked together with modem boards installed! Radios would key up without any activity, and just stay transmitting a carrier until the cross band cable was removed. I did some mods to …

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The frustrations of mistakes.

Today has been a challenging one. I went about creating a cross-band repeater cable for my radios in the car, so I can use a portable to access repeaters that I would only be able to get from the car. All was going well, and the circuit is built, when I plug it into one …

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DIY captive portal on WRT54G Wireless routers

As a few of you know, I’m doing a fair bit with WRT54G routers atm. These little routers are cool. They run Linux as their main core, and can be customised beyond belief. I’ll be posting some of my scripts etc over the next few weeks to turn these things into a captive portal with …

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AdiumX rocks.

So after switching to Apple for most of my hardware (I grabbed a 12″ G4 powerbook and a mac mini), I’ve been looking for a decent IM client. Back in the Windows world I used Trillian, but when coming to OS X, I couldn’t find much. I played with Fire – it was missing a …

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New site layout

So yeah, I figured that I should finally do something with this site, as it’s been sitting here idle for quite some time. So, heres a pretty update. 🙂

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