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  1. WD MyNET N600 + N750 OpenWRT update — 109 comments
  2. Kenwood KDC-BT7539U review — 76 comments
  3. Faulty Apple Superdrives. — 40 comments
  4. Western Digital MyNet N600 OpenWRT support — 37 comments
  5. Pioneer DEH-P7050BT review. — 32 comments

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Remembering TITR

So it’s now been 16 years since the end of TITR (This Is True, Really) News. I still occasionally listen to the old recordings of what we now know as ‘podcasts’ and have a giggle. Scott, Tony, wherever you guys are, hope all is going well. If you want to share in on the laughs, …

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Central management of Lets Encrypt SSL certificates

Just wrote up a quick article on how I implemented centralised management of SSL Certificates issued via Lets Encrypt. Yeah, its an article – its a bit big for a post 🙂 Using centralised management with Lets Encrypt

Adding a PPS source to ntpd

So I recently got given a Symmetricom TimeProvider 100 to have a bit of a play with – and was excited to see an ethernet port marked “NTP” on the front. After firing it up and having no luck at all talking to it on this port other than ICMP ping packets, I trawled online …

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OpenWRT builds move to LEDE

Recently I’ve moved the builds for the WD MyNet systems to LEDE. I’ve also started building for more than just the MyNet N750 – and now *all* ar71xx systems will get a nightly build. The build directories now follow the date of the build, not the revision number. The new builds are available at:

Why people hate #systemd

So yeah, I’ve been forced into using SystemD for just about everything now that the entire community has taken the koolaid. I recently had a question where if a ConditionFileIsExecutable fails in the [Unit] section, the logs say that the service was started – but in fact the service won’t attempt to be started. No …

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